Are You Seeking a Permanent Weight Loss Solution?

Statewide Bariatrics offers a complete range of surgical solutions to help patients achieve significant, sustainable weight loss. We have helped thousands of patients live healthier, happier lives and experience freedom from obesity-related health conditions like sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Weight loss surgery is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different procedures are designed with different needs and goals in mind, and what works for one patient won’t necessarily work for another. We evaluate every patient on an individual basis, and take their weight, medical history and current health condition into account when recommending the right fit.

We offer the following surgical weight loss solutions:

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is a restrictive type of weight loss surgery that permanently reduces the size of the stomach to limit food intake. It also removes the area of the stomach that produces ghrelin, or the “hunger hormone,” which essentially eliminates the sensation of feeling hungry.
Gastric sleeve can be performed laparoscopically to reduce post-operative recovery time and scarring, as well as minimize some of the surgical risks.

Gastric Banding

Gastric banding places a small collar around the upper portion of the stomach, leaving a very small stomach pouch. This causes a feeling of fullness sooner, and restricts food intake to cause significant weight loss. The band can be tightened or loosened to adjust the capacity of the stomach.

The gastric band can be placed laparoscopically, and adjusted as needed during a quick, in-office procedure.

Gastric Bypass

Weight Loss SolutionsGastric bypass is a malabsorption weight loss procedure. In addition to permanently reducing the size of the stomach to limit food intake, it also reroutes a portion of the intestines so the food “bypasses” most of the small intestine. This limits the absorption of calories and nutrients.
Gastric bypass can also be performed laparoscopically.

Weight Loss Surgery Revision

Weight loss surgery revision is an option for patients that do not achieve their weight loss goals after the first procedure. Perhaps there was a post-operative complication, or weight re-gain occurred. The solution may be to switch the type of procedure, or combine surgical techniques to produce the desired weight loss. Our surgeons will design a solution on a case-by-case basis.

Learn More about Our Surgical Weight Loss Solutions

For more information about any of the surgical weight loss solutions described here, please contact Statewide Bariatrics and book a consultation. After getting to know more about you, your health and your weight loss goals, we can determine which procedure is the appropriate fit for your needs.