Peer-to-Peer Support for Life after Surgery

HackensackUMC Mountainside – Private Dining Room – Second Wednesday of each month; 7-9PM

Clifton Library – Allwood Branch – Second Tuesday of each month; 7-9 PM

Maplewood Main Library – Third Wednesday of each month; 7-9 PM

Secaucus Public Library – 7-9 PM

Totowa Public Library – 7-9 PM

Bayshore Community Hospital – Conference Room A&B – Second Thursday of each month; 7-9 PM

Southern Ocean Medical Center – Beach Plum Conference Room – Second Wednesday of each month; 7-9 PM

In order to successfully lose excess weight and keep it off, weight loss surgery patients must make a number of modifications to their diet, exercise routine and lifestyle. This is challenging even for the most dedicated patients. Nobody understands these challenges — and how to overcome them — like a fellow bariatric surgery patient does.
During your weight loss journey, your peers will be a significant source of encouragement and motivation. Together, you will experience the same achievements and setbacks that are common after surgery.

Statewide Bariatrics organizes peer support groups, led by one of our knowledgeable registered dietitians and psychologists, to help you adjust to life after surgery. You will find the group atmosphere to be incredibly valuable as you learn to eat differently, live an active lifestyle and avoid obstacles to success. Our patients regularly check in with one another to swap stories and share tips about nutrition, exercise and making healthy choices.

It is likely that the peers that you meet in your support group will become lifelong friends. You will celebrate each other’s successes, and coach each other through difficult patches. You will always have someone to lean on when you need it.

Please contact our practice directly to learn more about our support group program.